Welcome to The People Company. We are a human resources service company in Ostrobothnia. Whether you are looking for a job or your company needs assistance with recruitment, we are the right partner for you!

The People Company, also known simply as PPLE, is an innovative and forward-thinking company specializing in human resources services. Our primary area of operation is Ostrobothnia. Contact us for more information.

PPLE is a reliable partner in both recruitment and job searching.

We have a clear set of values that permeates our entire operation – focusing on the individual and providing a positive personal experience. Through our services, we aim to contribute to a sustainable work and business environment that enables both people and companies to continue to develop and grow.

Conducting a recruitment process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. At PPLE The People Company, we understand the value of your work time. 

Do you need more staff? A larger project, a work stoppage, or the need for substitutes or fill-ins? Then, hiring staff for a shorter or longer period might be a good solution. At PPLE, we handle all employer responsibilities including contracts, salaries, occupational health care, insurances, etc.

The processes surrounding foreign staff and seasonal workers can be complicated and require specific expertise. We have expertise in immigration matters and can handle the entire process or just the parts you need help with.

In our service portfolio, you will also find consulting and lectures within the human resources segment.

Is there anything within this segment that your company needs assistance with? It could really be anything. We are happy to help with, for example, permit applications, lectures on topics within human resources such as international recruitment, or similar.

Customer feedback

"I am very satisfied with PPLE's work - from a friendly reception when I made contact and an understanding of the need I had and the type of person I was looking for in this process. Throughout the process, you worked to find suitable candidates, and I received adequate updates."

Ulf Hagman
Uffes Mat & Café

"Clear communication, friendly staff, good service, and a quick and efficient process."

Mathias Zahrberg
Nyja Sotnings - Och Fastighetsservice

"The task was handled professionally and saved us extra work. The screening was particularly good, allowing us to focus on those we found interesting."

Glenn Sundström

We have meticulously carried out assignments for, among others

Tina Nylund


Tina works as the CEO and co-founder of the company.

+358 44 231 4089

Christoffer Sirén

Recruitment consultant

Christoffer is a recruitment consultant and has been working at PPLE since September 2022.

+358 41 310 4847

You can also contact us through our contact form.

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