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Recruitment services

A recruitment process requires both time and resources. At PPLE The People Company, we understand the value of your time and our services are designed to take the pressure off our client companies.

We strive for a positive recruitment process where competence and suitability take centre stage. Through our networks and channels, we actively search for the best possible match for both your company and the applicant.

We always start with a discussion with you in the client company about the current need. The process itself can then be divided into 9 steps.

1. determination of requirement profile & job description.
2. design of marketing material and publication and dissemination via PPLE’s network.
3. applications are received via PPLE’s digital recruitment system. Enquiries to PPLE by phone and email.
4. selection for interviews based on requirement profile and application documents.
5. interviews are conducted and an overall assessment of the candidates is compiled by PPLE.
6. presentation of candidates to the client.
7. the client chooses who they want to meet, the interviews are convened by PPLE.
8. Final selection by the client company based on the information gathered.
9. Employment and evaluation.

Get in touch and we will give you an offer based on your specific recruitment needs.

Hired staff

Do you need additional staff? Whether it’s for a larger project, a temporary halt in work, or a need for substitutes or emergency fill-ins, hiring personnel for short or long terms might be the solution. At PPLE, we manage all employer responsibilities, including contracts, salaries, occupational health care, insurances, etc.

As our client company, you handle the work management at your site and receive just one monthly invoice based on our service agreement. Depending on the nature of the work, we seek employees through open applications or from the personnel already in our registry.

Aligned with our values and the guidelines of HELA ry, we see the individual behind each employee and strive for a sustainable working life for all parties involved. We adhere to collective agreement wages and current legislation.

Focus on your business, and we’ll focus on the personnel resource. Throughout the contract period, we are here to support you.

Consulting and Lectures

Our service portfolio also includes consulting and lectures in the personnel services segment.

Is there something in HR that your company needs help with? We are happy to help with e.g. templates for employment contracts, performance appraisals or lectures on HR topics such as International Recruitment or Recruitment Process Design.

For jobseekers and students, for example, we organise lectures on job search, among other things;
Finding your job
Jobsearching in Finland

If you have any questions, just get in touch and we will see how we can be most useful to you!

International recruitment

It is a fact nowadays that it is not always possible to find suitable expertise in your own country. Since the processes around foreign staff require specialised knowledge, we at The People Company are happy to offer this service to our client companies.

Thanks to our expertise in migration matters, we can handle the entire process or just the parts you need help with.

We have functioning international channels and networks and have, among other things, recruited a significant number of people internationally for the metal industry in Ostrobothnia. When recruiting, we focus on the company’s need for expertise and ensure, among other things, that English language skills are sufficient. As a smooth start to the employment relationship, we have the opportunity to act as an employer before the employee transfers to employment in the client company.

We take care of all administration such as work permits, tax cards, bank accounts, registrations, Kela and so on. We offer social orientation and are available for support and assistance in various matters. In this way, you can rest assured that your international employees will have the best possible start.

By 2024, we have recruited staff from more than 20 different nationalities.

Tina Nylund


Tina works as the CEO and co-founder of the company.

+358 44 231 4089

Christoffer Sirén

Recruitment consultant

Christoffer is a recruitment consultant and has been working at PPLE since September 2022.

+358 41 310 4847

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