About us

The People Company, or PPLE for short, is a service company dedicated to helping companies and individuals. We have an innovative drive and are situated primarily in Ostrobothnia. Our extensive experience in the HR field, including recruitment and staffing, spans several years and forms the foundation of our work.

Our values highlight the importance of individuals and the significance of respectful interactions. We are committed to contributing to a sustainable workforce and business environment, where both individuals and companies have opportunities to grow.

We view ourselves as a dependable partner, ready to support all our stakeholders, whether you’re seeking employment, already part of the workforce, or represent a company we collaborate with.



We aim to ensure that companies in Ostrobothnia can access the skills needed to develop their operations and society at large. A shortage of labor and lack of expertise could, in the worst case, lead to companies moving away from Ostrobothnia.

We also recognize the importance of employee satisfaction at their workplaces, and equal treatment is a core issue for us. Creating a corporate culture where everyone works towards the same goal and feels seen and treated equally is more important now than ever.

Tina Nylund


Tina works as the CEO and co-founder of the company.

+358 44 231 4089

Christoffer Sirén

Recruitment consultant

Christoffer is a recruitment consultant and has been working at PPLE since September 2022.

+358 41 310 4847

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